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UAH/kg DE 15-20, 24,90 maltodextrin
  • UAH/kg DE 15-20, 24,90 maltodextrin

UAH/kg DE 15-20, 24,90 maltodextrin

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Country of manufacture:China
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Maltodextrin 15-20. Maltodextrin 7-13. Maltodextrin 35-40 from the Felitsata Ukraine company from warehouse in Kiev.
Properties of maltodextrin allow to use it quite widely. The food industry applies it as additive. In candy stores and bakery goods – for improvement of their look and gustatory qualities; include in composition of seasonings and sauces – maltodextrin well stabilizes emulsions; use in the dairy industry; by production of drinks, instant products; for improvement of consistence add to ice cream.
Maltodextrin promotes improvement and simplification of process of dissolution of proteins therefore it is included in structure of dietary food. Often maltodextrin is used in baby food.
Other important direction is use of maltodextrin in pharmaceutics: it is used as the inert excipient allowing at large number of components in microdoses to create stable structures (that, in combination with hypoallergenicity and fast solubility in water, is very important property during creation of some dosage forms).
Maltodextrin is used in bodybuilding as power source in geyner; and also as a part of dietary supplement as it stimulates growth of bifidus bacteria in intestines.
Maltodextrin is intermediate product of splitting by enzyme alpha amylase of potato or corn starch.
Maltodextrin looks as powder of white color, sometimes white with subtle cream shade. It has sweetish taste and is well dissolved both in hot, and in cold water. Maltodextrin is applied at production of cosmetics, in particular in production of the creams cleaning pores and nutritive masks, balms, powder, blush, powders, and also toothpastes. Maltodextrin promotes reduction of mimic wrinkles and improves food of skin that allows to use actively it in creams of anti-aging series.

Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 13.06.2019
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