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E1200 Polydextrose
  • E1200 Polydextrose

E1200 Polydextrose

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Name: E1200 Polydextrose A and N
Other names: E1200, E - 1200, England: E1200, E - 1200, Polydextroses A and N
type: filler, stabilizer, thickener, humectant, teksturator
effects on the body: safe
authorized in the country: Ukraine , RF and EU

E1200 multipurpose food ingredient is obtained by synthesis of dextrose (glucose) with 10% sorbitol and 1% citric acid. Polydextrose A and N crystalline powder, odorless, sweet - tasting, from white to yellow. It soluble in water, partially soluble in alcohols and glycols. Not soluble in acetone. Application: In the production of foods as carriers, fillers, solvents, fillers and foodstuffs. Dyes according to the technological instructions. As a substitute for sugar, starch and fats in the diet drinks, confectionery, breakfast cereals, puddings, etc. In the confectionery industry in the production of chocolates and biscuits, as humectants. E - 1200 (Polydextrose) is used to improve the consumer and functional properties of finished articles including, organoleptic (color, odor and flavor) and physical and chemical parameters. It increases the nutritional value of the product. To enrich the stuffing chocolates dietary fiber helps reduce the energy value of the finished product. Supplied with the low calorie diabetic foods and as a substitute for sucrose. Use: In the pharmaceutical industry in the production of drugs during tableting after preliminary granulation as a binding agent or thickener. E1200 used as excipients in tablets as a filler or substances included in the skins to cover the tablet forms. The impact on the human body: is not dangerous to human health. E1200 is practically not absorbed in the intestine. Intestinal microflora cleaved into fatty acids in small amounts, which is isolated in the assimilation of two kcal / g. As part of some medicines acts as a laxative.

Information is up-to-date: 10.06.2021

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