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Recommendations to application

Prelaksan's dosage, for release from locks, depends on disease severity, on a physiological condition of intestines and specific features of an organism.

The first on what special attention is paid, is individual values of doses of a preparation. Usually optimum doses are ranging from 2 to 6 tablespoons of syrup a day. These doses provide 2-3kh multiple allocation a calla in day. Excess of this indicator over 2 times a day is referred to emergence of diarrhea which easily is eliminated with decrease in a dose of "Prelaksan".

Initial size at selection of a dose usually are 2-3 tablespoons of Prelaksan syrup for the first day.

Reception can be as on an empty stomach, and during food. It is possible to break a dose as into several receptions, and it is possible to drink for once.

But at the started lock form, it is better to accept on an empty stomach since morning, one-time all day dose - for stronger action.

At chronic locks the dose can be increased to 4-5 tablespoons. Further doses can be regulated most up to achievement of the required chair consistence, but not to cause more, than 2-3-fold allocation a calla in day.

It is necessary to reduce a dose only at emergence of a liquid or frequent chair - on 1 spoon a day. Further again it is necessary to drink (already lowered quantity) before emergence of a liquid chair - and again to reduce on 1 spoon, and so to full cancellation of Prelaksan, but not less than 21 day.

In case 1 tablespoon causes in you diarrhea, cancel a preparation.

For children

of 1 year - on 0,5-1 teaspoon a day

of 5 years - 1-2 teaspoon a day


At locks, especially chronic, the slags and harmful substances intended on emission are not removed from an organism. Rotting, formation of gases which cork begins and stretch a gut, causing pains and spasms. Intestines lose the elasticity, become sluggish.

Prelaksan appoint

  • at locks of various etiology, for normalization of work of intestines;

  • in need of a chair softening in the medical purposes (at hemorrhoids, need of expeditious surgical intervention on a thick gut or an anus;

  • by training the patient for inspection (kolonoskopiya, irigoskopiya, ultrasonography of an abdominal cavity;

  • at chronic locks at elderly people, children, at pregnant women, also at patients, it is long observing a bed rest;

  • at colitis and other diseases of a digestive tract;
  • at toxicosis of pregnant women with functional disorders of digestion;

Prelaksan's safety at release from locks.

As the most effective and safe preparation of treatment of locks it is around the world considered to be a laktuloza.



for customers Felicata Ukraina, OOO Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine