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Pirrolokhinolinkhinon ("PQQ"), powder of 99%, GMP, HACCP, ISO
  • Pirrolokhinolinkhinon ("PQQ"), powder of 99%, GMP, HACCP, ISO

Pirrolokhinolinkhinon ("PQQ"), powder of 99%, GMP, HACCP, ISO

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Country of manufacture:China
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We offer PQQ for production of dietary additives, functional products.

Pirrolokhinolinkhinon ("PQQ") represents a microcell which once was considered as vitamin. It has ability to be an agent of REDOX and is capable to circulate in a human body for continuous fight against free radicals. Thanks to the ability to transfer electrons, PQQ is necessary in order that mitochondrions developed energy and stimulated a mitochondrial biogenesis. This process of a biogenesis was connected with advantages to health, such as the increased durability and the improved energy. 

PQQ function
Scientists observed that PQQ activates cellular ways of signaling and stimulates regeneration of mitochondrions in the growing old cages that is called a biogenesis of mitochondrions. Until recently only aerobic exercises, strict restriction of caloric content and some drugs were understood as having such effect. PQQ also neutralizes the oxidizing agents (free radicals and active forms of oxygen) thanks to the antioxidant activity. The molecule gives to researchers hope for search of ways of achievement of a healthy lifestyle with a possibility of delay of process of aging.

Here several advantages of PQQ:

Mitochondrial health

Mitochondrions produce cellular energy which operates the main and difficult metabolic processes. Without necessary biochemical substances of a mitochondrion wear out and the speed of cellular aging increases. It causes a system stress, consuming large amounts of energy in attempt to stabilize cellular process. The broken metabolism destabilizes cellular health, makes drama impact on such bodies as heart, a brain, a liver and kidneys, and also nervous, endocrine and digestive systems. It leads to deterioration in health and acceleration of aging.

Promotes health of a brain

PQQ induces CREB, protein which regulates the DNA function and an expression of a gene. CREB stimulates the new growth of mitochondrions and plays an important role in formation of nervous ways and long-term memory. It made PQQ which is of special interest for Alzheimer's disease researches. Amiloid - beta peptides (an ak of Abeta) rank high in death of the nervous cages connected with dementia. Researchers tested PQQ on Abeta. They found out that it restores cages from the caused Abeta of death of cages and reduces presence of active forms of oxygen (ROS).

Supports function of heart

Researchers allocated PQQ for testing for cells of heart. Still researches on animal models show that PQQ protects from an oxidizing stress thanks to its rejuvenating effects. Further researches of human subjects are necessary to understand whether it has concrete advantages to health of heart or if it just provides the general advantages to health, stimulating work of mitochondrions.

Available form: 99% of pure powder

Main bioactivities:
+ General improvement of levels of energy
+ Improvement of cognitive functions and memory
+ Decrease in mitochondrial degradation
+ Increase in elasticity of skin
+ Neuropatronage

Use: 10-20 mg daily


Country of manufacture:China
Information is up-to-date: 20.07.2021

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